Dieter Schwarzenbach Crystallography


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Author of the book: Dieter Schwarzenbach
Type of this book: eBook
Language: English
Format: djvu
Date Released [if available]: 1997
Page Count [if available]: 249
Codes [if available]
Isbn10: 0471955981
Isbn13: 9780471955986


Due to its interdisciplinary nature, crystallography is of major importance to a wide range of scientific disciplines including physics, chemistry, molecular biology, materials science and mineralogy. However, information is currently divided amongst traditional physics, chemistry and materials science books. This book collates previously disparate literature into one comprehensive and practical source, providing a thorough understanding of the information contained in crystallographic data files and the application of x-ray diffraction methods. The book has been written for final year and postgraduate students. Language Notes Text: English (translation) Original Language: French

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